Adding Value to Healthcare Sector

CHS believes in providing the best fit of financial and administrative solutions for Medical Practices and urging them to give undivided attention to their patients

Business Excellence within Humanitarian Bounds

CHS understands that diversity brings more ideas and strength to the work flows and encourages its employees to participate in social activities making lives healthier and happier

Achieving More with Diversified Teams

CHS with its diversified teams, excessive trainings and continuous improvement practices, not just enhances business image and inflows but helps employees build unique skill sets - working towards a common goal


Revolutionizing the Healthcare Systems in the US since last 10 years, Cube Healthcare Systems is the name that promises a paradigm shift when it comes to collating the clients data and streamlining their administrative as well as clinical management processes into a more effective outlay. More so Cube Healthcare Systems helps us extend the telemedicine expertise on the global level. Our astounding experience in Revenue Cycle Management gained by serving countless medical centers in the US market helps our brand to stand out against all known competitors.

Our technologically advanced systems and predictive analytical techniques helps instill productivity in the processes, making them easily manageable and highly profitable. Our dynamic solutions, developed with thorough industry research and tried/tested experience promises a breakthrough in US healthcare market, bringing forth efficiency and progression.

Our dedicated, diverse and expert teams, with their extensive industry knowledge, enable us to transcend brilliance in our processes, giving a whole new meaning to BUSINESS EXCELLENCE. Being aware that our company success depends on their polished capabilities and sincere commitment, we take great interest in our employee development, investing regularly in various training workshops and introducing different benefit programs.



Cube Healthcare Systems works on simplifying the administrative as well as clinical processes making the whole system error free and accurate.


Cube Healthcare Systems respects diversity not just in cultures but in thoughts as well. It values all sorts of sound input from its employees


Cube Healthcare Systems places high focus on quality. Quality tasks from well trained, skilled employees are the sole benchmark


Cube Healthcare Systems works on transferring the long followed medical claim processing into an easy digital practice reducing the redundant HR and administrative fatigue. It allows physicians more time and energy for their patients.

  • Our History
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Diversity and Inclusion
Our History

Having a 10 years of trial and error experience in the US health sector, Cube Healthcare Systems is well versed in all the old, new and innovative processes when it comes to telemedicine management processes i.e. insurance claim processing, medical billing process, billing audit, credentialing as well as claim denial management.

At present we have offices all over Pakistan i.e. Islamabad, Abbottabad, Lahore. Our employees from Pakistan collaborate with our offices in Michigan, USA providing applaud-worthy digital services to medical centers, modernizing their Revenue Management Process.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Cube Healthcare Systems aims to improve every individual's mental and physical health. In these tough times, we have launched special "Covid-19 help packages" that allows medical practices free consultancy as well as a service packages, improving as well as maintaining their insurance billables for limited time.

Cube Healthcare Systems takes on a humanitarian approach, wishing to work alongside with the physicians, taking care of all the managerial redundant tasks and letting them focus on their medical practice. We at Cube, participate wholeheartedly in our social duties by arranging several benefactor events e.g. blood donation drives etc.

Cube Healthcare Systems follows a staunch digital approach to all the managerial tasks thus reducing the paper waste and positively impacting the environment as a whole. Moreover we at Cube Healthcare Systems respect, in fact crave the diversity in our employees as it adds value to the services we offer

Diversity and Inclusion

Cube Healthcare Systems employees people from all over Pakistan without discrimination on caste, culture or religion. Having offices in various cities, we not just limit our recruits to these cities but allow agile working as well. We understand the modern requirement of the present time and thus believe in changing our processes to best fit in the current global paradigm.

Our Pakistani employees successfully collaborate with the international offices on daily basis and provide efficient services to all our clients.

Are You Ready To Take it to The Next Level?


Revenue Cycle Management

Get onboard, reduce denials and increase revenue inflow

Cube allows medical practices a complete billing package, offering end to end RCM solution. Our 10 years of excessive experience in medical billing allows us in depth understanding of industry’s RCM related standards as well as our clients requirements. Cube has certified coding and billing professionals, working efficiently to boost revenue inflows and streaming the RCM processes. Cube guarantees an astonishing 97% of first time claim pass resolution.

Electronic Practice Management

Automate RCM process, prevent revenue leakages, mitigate denials and improve AR rate!

EPM is an automated, intuitive, integrated and dynamic software that takes care of medical billing end to end. Starting from taking patient demographics, their past claim status, insurance details, eligibility checks, scrubbing for errors, foreseeing and preventing denials, helping in recur lost revenue to post service follow-up, the interface is effective, comprehensive and user-friendly. It also allows medical practitioners a comprehensive KPI dashboard which caters to all aspects of patient billables.


At CHS we are focused on one mission

Cube Healthcare Systems works on making the healthcare management processes not just profoundly digital but easily manageable and effectively profitable more so it provides recognition for a vast workforce which are working tirelessly all over Pakistan. It broadens the knowledge spectrum, crediting its employees with the thorough experience in the revenue cycle management.

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